Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ham Speak: A Glossary For New Hams

A collection of definitions and links to amateur terms.  It is by no means complete since ham radio is such diverse hobby.  First some links then a alphatical list on terms I have use on this blog.  Hope these help.  I you find a broken link send me an email.  My address is a t the bottom of the blog.


armchair copy - easily copied,

antenna system - any equipment following transmitter's output up to and including the antenna.  In some cases this may include RF ground equipment depending on the antenna type in use.

CW abbreviations -

DX - a long distance contact usually to another continant or some folks say over a 1000 miles
elmer - mentor

ERP - Effective Radiated Power, the sum of the gains and losses of the transmitter's power output that is transferred to the air by an antenna system

FB - Fine Business (very good, good idea, excellent)

home brew - home made

Mic fright - being reluctance to make that first contact

QSO - talking or making a contact.  For more see this List of Amateur Qsigns

QSL - I understand or do you understand, also a cards ham exchange to confirm contacts

silent key (sk) - deceased, sometimes with a call sign such as "W7ORB, sk"


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